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worst review you will read in your life time, enjoy

The Mortal Instruments Boxed Set (The Mortal Instruments, #1-3) - Cassandra Clare

i have honestly been reading theses books on and off over a long period of time (like two or three years still haven't finished the last book). I still am completely in love with the books i always find a reason to pick up the book again mostly because of the fucking adorable Simon. 

i just like the whole idea of a alternate community living amounts use, with different creatures who have ability most of us really want. 

But i do have to say that i really dis-like Clary, i hated how she thought that she is such an idiot! Every decision she makes ends up nearly killing someone! she cant leave Jace alone she is a bitch to Simon most of the time like she doesn't care at all about his feelings. then again i always tend to like side characters more then the main subject of the books read.

but then again i might change my mind when i read the end of the last book, but i highly doubt it. 


i mean who wouldnt want to date him